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A political group, Buhari-Osinbajo 2nd-Term Support (BOSS), has called on Nigerians to reflect deeply on the sacrifices made by the forefathers of Nigeria which culminated to achievement of self-governance for the nation 58 years ago. The group rejoices with Nigerians for the peaceful celebrations across the country which is a strong indication that Nigerians believe in their unity and progress.


BOSS wants the citizens to also use the moment to prepare well toward full participation in the forthcoming general elections, as the Independence celebration is the last national political event before the general elections starting in February 2019, according to the timetable by the national electoral umpire, INEC.
Founder and national president of BOSS, Mazi Muhammad Ajah, FCIA, in a statement after attending the Independence celebration in Abuja, urged for massive political awareness by all relevant government agencies, including the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to sensitize Nigerians on their civic responsibilities in relation to the general elections.   
Mazi Ajah also enlisted non-governmental organizations to assist the government agencies in reaching the larger Nigerian populace in the rural areas where the electoral strength lies, adding that Nigerians, especially the rural dwellers, must be tutored on the dangers of selling their future and that of their children by collecting unimaginable petty coins from politicians for their votes or PVCs.     
He charged the political gladiators to play by the rule and not to see 2019 general elections as “a do or die” matter, as was the case in the past. He said the outcome of recent elections held by INEC was a good omen that the body was ready to give Nigerians standard and acceptable polls, if the level playing ground provided by the current federal government is backed up with the financial requirements and manpower high morale.
“At 58, Nigerians have come a long way in the struggle to actually be self-independent. These years have been characterized by turbulent events and yet intellectual maneuvering and meandering for the unity, peace and progress of the country. This celebration is unique because it is the last national political happening before the general elections next year 2019. So, we must utilize this period to prepare our minds to make the next national event a very successful one”
“The Nigerian electorates, from the recent political events, are in dire need of awareness. They have to be made to understand that collecting money from politicians for PVC or vote is a very dangerous path. Whatever hunger they have endured should not make them sell their future again. Rather, the forthcoming elections are opportunities for them to express their anger on the political class and vote for only credible candidates who can guarantee good governance and delivery of democratic dividends”.
“All relevant government and non-governmental agencies have to intensify effort to achieve this massive political awareness. There is evil in hate speech, vote buying and imposition of unpopular and unwanted politicians because it is the sign of weakness and Satanic mission. Let us rise up to make 2019 general elections very successful with credible Nigerians emerging at all levels for Nigerians and future generations”.

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