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On Saturday, the 16th day of February, 2019, Nigerian voters are expected to go out and vote to elect president and national assembly members who would run the affairs of the country for the next four years. Similarly, on 2nd of March, 2019, they are to do same to choose governors and lawmakers for their respective states.

With few hours to the elections, the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) B-Zone representing millions of students in the southern part of country feel highly concerned and the need to call all to play the game according to the rule. We therefore call on all Nigerian voters not only to go out en mass and vote but to vote for candidates with good character, trustworthiness, courage to do what is right and above all, the fear of Allah, the Almighty. These attributes, we believe, are capable of propelling those who have them to do what is right and be just and fair to all and sundry.

We also call on everyone to shun all acts of electoral offences such as hooliganism, thuggery, ballot stuffing and vote buying. Our primary consideration should be the progress and development of our nation and the wellbeing of this generation of our people and those yet unborn.

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As we call on the electorates, we also call on politicians to do what is right and play the acts of politics and politicking according to the rules of the game. They should know that one day, they will give account before man and Allah, the All-Knowing, the Judge of all judges. They should also learn from their colleagues and leaders of yesterday who are currently cooling their heads in prison. How fast the time changes!

We call on INEC officials, security agencies, international and local observers, the media and all other stakeholders who are involved one way or the other in election processes to fear Allah and eschew all actions capable of throwing this country into chaos. Progress and development are possible only in an atmosphere of peace. Nigeria and its people have a lot to learn in the political histories of other countries of the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya etc. We should therefore not allow ourselves to be used to destabilize this country.

We finally urge our religious leaders especially the Muslim clerics to continue praying for peace and progress of our dear nation.

Barr Qaasim Odedeji
Amir/Zonal Coordinator

Alh Abdul Jalil Abdur Rasaq

Engr Bashir Momoh
Public Relations Officer

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