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Opinion: My 7 Issues On ‘Okitipupa Government Field’ And Sport Development In Ondo South By Yemi Fafoluyi

Okitipupa is located in the south of Ondo state.

What is happening to our prestigious government field in Okitipupa?

One, electricity powers line which did not pass through the pitch in the beginning of the field suddenly showed up from the blues due to the poor strategy of the initiator of the project because the pitch was in the town master plan but been superhumans as we are trying to be around here, we tolerate it, and hence, we watched all events standing under it, yet a spell disguising like a blessing came, I mean the perpetual light out in the entire community, which necessitate the removal and replacement of electricity poles: this would have afford us the opportunity to correct this eye sore error but commencement of the work and almost ending now, the error is still predominant. An error of killing thousands of promising soul in a jiffy: High voltage power line passing through where people are normally expected to be gathered, it shows no leadership, sympathy, empathy, dignity, and respect for humanity.

Two, a place where many events such as sport and even ceremonies that gather thousands of people together have no visible health care facilities at sight even if it to provide first aid for any casualties, this is ludicrous

Three, it worsens to know that a common borehole to supply water to this theater of shows is not available: even if it is for a drink alone not to talk of wetting the grass, knowing absolutely well that water is life. I am not even talking about the public water scheme any longer for that is a forgone issue.

Four, I do see the hypocrisy of the government with some inscription on the walls of the secondary schools and even on the radio in the state saying “wash your hands, use toilets, one house one toilet” bla bla bla, it is sad that this public utility has no convenience for the occupants of this place.

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Five, apart from the two-goal posts and the plain lawn there is nothing to show that the government field is a sports facility, no signpost not to talk of another sport niceties: no wonder we have not to be able to produce any serious professional for the state, this appalling

Six, security at this facility is nothing but horrendous, no gate not to talk of wardens, to exacerbate the issue the protective fence to primarily guard against encroachment is falling on a daily basis. What an embarrassment?!

Seven, ever since this place in question, has been established apart from a changing-room-like, there are no other things we can call development seen in this historic field. I only thank God that apart from rented tents and chairs often used for the acclaimed VVIPs, all of us always stand under the sun and in the rain to watch whatever happens here. Are we saying that ‘Okitipupa government field’ for now being the only recognised functional stadium in the entire oil-rich southern part of Ondo state? Is it too much for the state to at least build one good modern facility in the entire volatile Ondo south?
Yet they are complaining of the youths involving in cultism and other vices and insisting on spending billions on security. What a delusion?

Yet, the public uses this facility for all kinds of the event at a cost every time and some people are responsible for collecting the money generated here. My question now is what are the monies generated from this property are used for?

The satire of the whole issue is the poor presumed independent management of the local sports management who are busy hailing their slave masters (the government) who they should have confronted with issues, besides they are so subjective and timid to ask confronted on how they manage the funds generated from this facility.

Furthermore, they refused to take initiative to mobilise organisations, agencies, and individuals to help in developing the place.

Well, there are still ways, if there is will to be reasonable. To whom it may concern let do the needful. –

Yemi Fafoluyi writes from Okitipupa.

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