Kenneth Gbandi: Appoint Me Or I die By Babs Omogbolahan



Reply to Mr Oghene, Gbandi’s Boy-Friday.

Urhobos are known for values and integrity. I seriously doubt if Mr Oghene, who prides himself as of one Nigeria’s Professional & Entrepreneurs Forum, Europe, UK Chapter (not Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum – NEF founded by Sidney E. INEGBEDION, PhD and situated at Block C, Room 241, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Old Federal Secretariat, Garki, Abuja) is one.

Whatever that body or group connotes (if ever it exists and not the imagination of Gbandi and his attention-seeking ‘boiz’ coined in their idiosyncratic manner to bamboozle the public) is not my business.

The bottom line is that Kenneth Gbandi should stop dilating his tirade like an eunuch. His attempt at blackmailing Hon. (Mrs) Àbíké Dabiri-Erewa is akin to the Orka coup de’tat of 1990 – a total fiasco after many ‘missiles’.

Before I go on, let it be sounded into the skull of Boy-Friday Oghene that Omogbolahan Babs DOES NOT WORK FOR ANY GOVERNMENT OR ITS APPOINTEES. He has never had a one-on-one with Hon. (Mrs) Àbíké Dabiri-Erewa needless to talk of being her paid hatchet man.

Without sounding immodest or needlessly fanfaronade, Omogbolahan does not have to be parasitic to earn a living. He is as hard working as very assertive when it comes to issues of blackmail.

He is not like Gbandi and his co-travellers who may have to live on treachery, gambit or artifice. Gbandi and his ilk have proved that the fact that one lives outside the shores of Nigeria is no guarantee for a better life, especially when such individuals feed on chicanery and hanky-panky.

Like I said in my opinion of May 15, 2020 where I quipped if there was the need for Kenneth Gbandi to get a ‘Brighter Grammar’ English text to understand the provisos of the Act establishing, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), his ‘boy friday’, Oghene has again ignorantly displayed their dearth of the ken of the English language.

To claim Hon. (Mrs) Àbíké Dabiri-Erewa in her ‘clandestine move’ to actualize her ‘surreptitious’ agenda, she interpreted ONLY a few sections of the NiDCOM Act is the most jejune and puerile outburst seen in recent times. Mr Oghene who should have taken time out to put in clear black and white what the Act stipulates and where it is clearly written that NiDCOM is a SUBSET of NIDO (which never can be seen in the Act anyway) was seen beating around the bush with unnecessary verbosity.

It is now crystal clear that if at all, Oghene’s pay master – Kenneth Gbandi is a Honourable with the appellation attached to his name (I do not know where and when he was conferred with such title), he may have bought same from the black or Jankara market. Otherwise, how a man who prides himself Honourable would continue to lie consistently through his teeth beats any imagination.

Let Mr Oghene show to the world where the NiDCOM Act clearly places NIDO over and above other Diaspora bodies as may exist. What the Act says is ‘to coordinate and harmonise ALL CONTINENTAL NIGERIANS IN DIASPORA ORGANIZATIONS, not singling out NIDO in that context. And even if it does truly exist as Gbandi wants the public to believe, how is the composition of the Board of NiDCOM the prerogative of Hon. (Mrs) Àbíké Dabiri-Erewa?

The question now is when has Board appointment become the sole responsibility of a Chief Executive Officer like Kenneth and his agent provocateurs have been making it look like? If The Presidency has not appointed Board members for NiDCOM, like it has not done for many of its parastatals and agencies too, how is that the fault of the Commission’s Chairman?

This is a germane question Gbandi and his fellas should answer!

Mr Appoint me or I die a.k.a Kenneth Gbandi claims to have a 2.6 billion dollar private housing project for Nigeria. Fantastic and laudable but here is the caveat, he wants the CEO/Chairman of NiDCOM to get President Buhari, the Vice President or the Finance Minister to be the guarantor for the funds. In other words, he plans to raise 2.6 billion dollars from America to construct his private housing project but Nigeria has to be his guarantor. So if and when he defaults, Nigeria will pay back! Haba, Emperor Honourable Gbandi! This is a New Nigeria with a New Sheriff!

Mr Appoint me or I die Gbandi is only hiding behind one finger to launch his frustrations, vituperation and attacks. His target was Mr. President himself. Having failed to get his brand of NIDO transmuted into a full-fledged Commission as planned all along, the new baby (NiDCOM) must be blackmailed into doing their bidding. We are not oblivious of their plot and shenanigans to hoodwink the public even in obvious skulking and sub-rosa.

As quirky of him, a man who works with Coca-Cola but makes effort again to draw salaries from Pepsi Cola Company does not have iota of shame. Otherwise, one wonders how a man who was said to have worked as Chairman of Action Democratic Party, (ADP) in Germany and campaigned for People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate, Atiku Abubakar in Nigeria during the 2019 electioneering would still be battling tooth and nail to be appointed into a Commission’s Board under the All Progressives Congress, APC.

To serve one’s country na by force, Mr. Honourable (from Oluwole)? See, my position is not to bandy words with you or your folks, neither is it to enter into any argy-bargy. For me, it is needless especially when you know the President that is on seat CAN NOT be bamboozled. He takes his time to act. Rather than continually dilate your tirade, you will save yourself a lot of energy by travelling down to Nigeria and walking straight to The Presidency and meet Sai Mai Gaskiya.

I want to advise that it is better you let the sleeping dog lie by staying off, Hon. (Mrs) Àbíké Dabiri-Erewa. She did not in any way take off your ‘feeding bottle’, neither did she appoint herself as Chairman of NiDCOM. It will be in your interest and that of your ‘wayfarers’ that you hearken the voice of wisdom. Remember, you lied by telling the world you did not approach Hon. (Mrs) Àbíké Dabiri-Erewa to help you seek an audience with The Presidency over your elephantine project. You remember also the woman in question is yet to puncture such lie and I am too sure you will not want your name smeared if your yansh is exposed.

DO NOT FORGET, your letter seeking audience with Mr. President addressed to Hon. (Mrs) Àbíké Dabiri-Erewa in person as the Chairperson of NiDCOM and practically begging her to help in that regard is available. Do not push your luck too far.

A word is enough!

Omogbolahan Babs

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