Sotitobire: Trial Continues Today + Update On Monday Proceedings



Testimonies by witnesses for the founder of Sotitobire Praising Chapel, prophet Babatunde Alfa in his ongoing trial at Ondo High Court in Akure has been adjourned till today (Tuesday, June 30).

Justice Olusegun Odusola made the announcement after the third witness, Dr Richard Akinnagbe gave his testimony.

The Precision NG recalled that Alfa is standing trial over the disappearance of one year old Gold Kolawole in the church last year.

During examination in Chief by lead Defence counsel, Olusola Oke, Akinnagbe told the court that he was detained for one day by the DSS when he visited the secret service agency’s Office to State what he knew about the case being in church on the day gold got Missing.

He also alleged that the DSS tore three statements that he wrote in their custody because it was not what they wanted him to write.

He accused gold’s Mother of reluctance to involve the police when he advised her to do so as she insisted that her husband and his friends will look for the toddler.

But the state Attorney General and Commissioner for justice, Adekola Olawoye while cross-examining Dr Akinnagbe described him as a meddlesome Interloper in the case who testimony Contains lies.

Olawoye also tendered in court as exhibit, the statement said to have been written in DSS custody by Akinnagbe and though there was opposition by the Defence, the court accept it.

After the adjournment of hearing till tomorrow, Mr Olawoye expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of the defence saying it was affecting many other state issues.

But spokesman of the defence team, Akinyemi Omoware assured that they will call all their witnesses between the time frame allotted by the judge.

20 witnesses have been slated to give testimony for prophet Alfa and 6 other defendants to absolve them of complicity in the disappearance of gold.

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