Ondo State Selection Committee And Politics Of Muslim Exclusion



A lot of politicking came in the selection of the 20 man Selection committee to supervise the appointment of 1000 roadside workers per local Government by the federal government. some of us were involved, but we don’t have a say because we don’t have those that can front for us in the government because in Ondo State all the Principal Officers in Aketi’s government are Christians.

The initial committee template made by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity is Seven Member Committee comprising of three Kings/Obas from three senatorial district, Representatives of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs NSCIA, National Youth Council of Nigeria & State Director for Directorate of employment in the states who will serve as Secretary to the Committee. The list was compiled and sent to the Presidency as at Tuesday 23rd June 2020.

The State Governors for Political reasons showed great interest in the scheme and they mounted pressure on the Presidency and the committee was eventually enlarged to twenty with the Governors unilaterally hand picking 13 other members! The first seven members were the statutory members based on the original template from the Federal Government, the others were handpick by the Governor and most unfortunatly in the case of Ondo State, Aketi picked 13 members and most unfortunately none is a Muslim!

It is high time an independent group rise to challenge this hegemony! Since the leadership of the Muslims in Ondo state for reasons better known to them have adopted silence in the face of this wickedness! More than 97% of the appointment made by Akeredolu since the inception of his administration have been tilted towards one faith! We are asking is Ondo state a Christian State? Or is he on a mission to Christianise the state!

Things cannot continue like this, it must be halted! else even our children and generation yet unborn may suffer this deadly marginalisation.

Amir Sirajudeen Abdulazeez Folayemi of the Coalition for Good Governance writes from Akure

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