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Expect The Wrath Of God Over You – NACOMYO Tells Persons Behind MURIC/ISWAP Links


The National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO) Lagos State Chapter has decried the spurious and satanic allegation against the Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) that the organisation was given $200.000 by ISWAP to destabilise the south western part of Nigeria.

“This kind of allegation can only come from an evil inclined persons whose specialisation is unfounded propaganda in order to smear the long-earned reputation of MURIC, and to cow it to permanent silence”, NACOMYO said.

NACOMYO further said:

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“For over 26 years and still counting, MURIC has been at the forefront of championing the course of the oppressed, and has always spoken out against injustice mete out to the Muslims and humanity at large.

“The organisation has employed peaceful strategy and dialogue to press home its demands. This, the propagandists, the ethnic jingoists and religious bigots in the country are not satisfied with. They feel threatened and wish they can smear MURIC good reputation.

“The Council wishes to put on record that MURIC is not doing its own bidding alone but that of the entire Muslim ummah (community) in the country. If as a result of this, the propagandists feel they can in anyway cause an injury to the organisation, they (the propagandists) should be expecting to be visited with the wrath of all the Muslims in Nigeria.

“It is also discomforting that this propagandists could think they can sponsor some pseudo Islamic organisations to press home their spurious claims through occasional attack on MURIC. NACOMYO challenges such bodies to come out in the open and tell us which Islamic body they represent.

“The Council wonders why ISWAP will be interested in giving money to MURIC, a non Fufude and Hausa Speaking organisation to recruit Fulani militia.

“Also, one would have expected at least a fake graphic of Press statement of the former Malian intelligence chief to be provided for the public to scrutinise, and perhaps an evidence to further proof that such interaction did occur at a point with the said body. We understand that this is just an attempt by the detractors to call dog a bad name in order to hang it.

“The Council further reiterates that MURIC is not alone in the struggle to defend the right of the Muslims and humanity, and any attempt to cause an arm to the organisation will be visited with a collective response from all the Muslims in Nigeria.”, NACOMYO stated through its representatives Dr Abdul-Wasi B. Moshood and Barr Muheeb Abdul Fatai.


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