We Can Be Great Again – Group Assures Nigerians



The good governance movement has appealed to Nigerians to believe that the country can be great again.

The group in a statement at the end of a virtual lecture on Good Governance Movement platform led by an Australia based medical practitioner, Dr Alfred Olatunji, said all hands must be on the deck to ensure the country works.

“It is obvious we all love Nigeria. We have always struggled to profess our love correctly. Even if we don’t say things correctly, we should remain fixated at the central goal – we all want a great Nigeria!

“Our goals should be to construct a common front through the energy of our love and construct the Nigeria of our dream. This will surely not come through the APC, PDP or any other political parties now or in 2023; with Tinubu or Buhari…. Hausa Or Igbo. It is all about you.”

The group believed that Nigeria can work again, so far its people are ready to profess it in deeds and actions.

“The affliction brought upon us by bad governance will disappear if we remain focused.

“If we truly love Nigeria, we should articulate our views and form a set of bold statements on how we want to run every sector of our economy.

“In times like this, when we are more than ever before determined to make Nigeria great, nothing can stop us.

“Our Action point: “Stop stultifying, Just focus on making the great Nigeria!,” the group stated.

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