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Breaking: US Vice President Told To Invoke Removal Order On Trump


Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu has called on US Vice President, Mike Pence to remove President Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment, The Precision NG reports.

Pence is the president of the US senate by virtue of his position as Vice President.

Also, US Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar is reportedly preparing articles of impeachment against President Trump

Donald Trump is being accused of fueling the recent unrest by protesters in the US capital of Washington DC.

The event had been described as an insurrection against democratic values by president-elect, Joe Biden.

The ugly incident saw protesters running over plenary sittings, ceasing the office of Us speaker, Nancy Pelosi while a woman was reportedly shot in the chest.

Trump who addressed the rioters a while go urged them to respect the law and “go home”.

Meanwhile, US Acting Defense Secretary says the D.C. National Guard has been fully activated to address the situation at the Capitol.

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