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Precision Online Newspaper is a publication of PRECISION AND OSHEG HUB. Since its establishment in 2016, Precision Online Newspaper has been providing services to Nigerians with specific interest in Media Content, Public Relations, and Community Services. Our vision is to be an identity for excellence, wit, and above all quality output. Ours is to be a leader to be identified with in the media industry.

The Friends of Precision was designed for the purpose of obtaining the resources to grow the media outfit which presently run as an online medium. The objectives of the “Friends of Precision” are twofold:

1) to build a multitude of friends for the media outfit who will see themselves as joint-owners, and therefore be willing to make regular contributions towards the development of the brand; and

2) to manage the Fund in a transparent, effective and accountable manner for the development of the media outfit. 

The idea is to generate a web of friends for Precision who will make regular, small and determined financial contributions towards independent journalism. It is not the size of individual contributions that matters here, but the number and consistency of the contributors. The goal of “Friends of Precision” is to attract millions of faithful friends who make donations of at least one thousand naira (N1000 or $2) or more to the purse of the media outfit in a lifetime.

What it means to become a “Friends of Precision”.

1) inclusion in the roll-call and honours of friends of the media outfit that will be published from time to time;

2) regular receipt of information about our medium;

3) priority invitation to events organised by Precision, including public lectures on topical issues of public importance; and

4) receipt of a “Friends of Precision” souvenirs that will be specifically designed for donors. 

Additionally, “Friends of Precision” will be required to be true friends and supporters and be ready to make suggestions for the good management and progress of the media outfit. See details below for donation:

  • Banker: UBA – United Bank for Africa
  • Accounts: 1024377501 (Current) & 3003429489 (Dollar)

After donation, kindly send your details to the following address 👉🏼 contact us.

Olusegun Hakeem Adebumiti,
Precision Online Newspaper

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