Right Of Reply: PDP Desperate For Attention Over Imposition Allegation – Akeredolu



The opposition PDP’s claims on the just concluded primary elections of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State have further exposed not only its gross ignorance but also the party’s desperation for attention. Painful enough, such attention remains perennially unavailable for the opposition party.

The allegation of imposition of candidates by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu,SAN, exposes the deep-rooted deficiencies embedded in a political party that has yet found its bearing in the arena of equity and fairness.

For the records, Governor Akeredolu’s role in the just-concluded primaries of the APC was nothing short of providing leadership. The Governor, in an unusual manner, recognizes and respects the party supremacy. He conceded the role of party stakeholders and leadership without interference and sentiment.

The Governor is a father for all in the party. His commitment to equity, fairness and transparency has led to the many successes recorded in the various outings of the party, including the just-concluded primaries. The process leading to the primaries was driven by the party leadership.

Evidently, the results of the APC primaries betrayed the claims of the PDP. One wonders how primary elections keenly contested by different aspirants across the State be branded imposition.

The PDP, out of desperation, had gone public with spurious allegations even before the APC commenced its primaries. A serious opposition would have waited and observed the exercise till the end before rushing to the public space to disseminate insidious stunts. The hasty manner in which this uncanny propaganda was oiled, especially as it came even before the commencement of the APC primary depicts an insatiable crave. The PDP’s allegation is a self-kill. It is embarrassing and projected the ilk as a lazy pack.

Perhaps, the opposition party requires a subtle education on what imposition connotes. The APC’s primaries were monitored by INEC and security agencies under whose full glare delegates voted for their preferred aspirants to emerge as candidates.

Governor Akeredolu shall continue to pursue the cause of justice, fairness, and equity in the management of the party. He will not be deterred in his quest to emplace an enduring legacy of transparency in the party.

Richard Olatunde
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Ondo State.

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