Start Patronizing Public Schools – Ondo Govt Tells Appointees, Civil Servants



… directs schools to commence enrolment drive

Towards ensuring that facilities in all the Public Primary Schools in Ondo State are fully utilized, the State Government has directed school’s management to embark on pupils enrolment campaign drive like their counterparts in private schools.

Consequently, government has equally underscored need for all political leaders, appointees of Government and Public Servants to enroll their children’s and wards in primary schools funded with public funds

The Chairman of Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB Rt Hon Victor Olabimtan spoke while featuring on “State of The State”, a live breakfast current affairs programme on Ondo State Radiovision Corporation, OSRC TV recently.

Olabimtan said considering the enormous resources the State Government has expended and still spending to upgrade the facilities in the public primary schools across the State there is no altruistic reason the schools are poorly populated when compared to private schools.

According to SUBEB boss it is morally wrong for anybody benefitting from a system and refusing to patronize that system. For instance, what lesson do one learn from a teacher in a public school that refuses to send his children and wards to the school he is teaching, It doesn’t make any sense he quipped

“if we say you are the best and truly you are, considering the school you went to before being a graduate and amount of training you had before being qualifed as a professional teachers, you must be proud to impact the knowledge acquired on your children under your watch in the school you are teaching”

The former Speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly who is unhappy with the current low enrolment in public schools especially in the semi urban and rural areas, despite, their clear advantages over private schools in terms of quality of teachers, teaching materials, play groups playing grounds and better environment for teaching and learning called for a rethink on the part of the masses.

Reacting to the erroneous believe that private schools delivered better education compared to public funded schools. Olabimtan said there is no statistical data to back such claim describing it as a mere propaganda by owners of the schools

According to the educationist statistics have shown over the years that pupils and students in public schools – Primary and Secondary levels performed better in terminal examinations than private schools..

Olabimtan said the objectives of the current enrolment campaign drive are to tilt the balance in favour of public funded free tuition paying schools, encourage our people to patronize their own schools by enrolling their children’s and wards in the public schools that are better equipped across the State and stopped struggling and borrowing to pay School fees.

Prince Bolu Diesel Ajijo
Director Press
29th October 2022.

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