Akeredolu’s Wife Sparks Polygamy Debate On Facebook. Responses From Commentators Will Wow You



Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, wife of the Ondo State Governor on Friday morning sparked an anti-polygamy debate on the social media.

Polygamy is defined as a marriage in which one spouse (man) has several other spouses.

Akeredolu and Wife, Betty

The Ondo first lady who is a known advocate of women’s right came heavily on polygamy when she posted on her Facebook profile condemning the marriage system.

According to her, polygamy is synonymous to poverty, bad parenting, and enmity among family members.

She wrote, “Polygamy = breeding poverty+irresponsible parenting+perpetual enmity btw family members. BEWARE!”

Her post generated comments from social media commentators, some of whom shared their personal experiences in support for or against her opinion.

One of the commentators, Oshk Fela Castro in his response (framed above) said, “How did the writer know she is not in the cycle of polygamy? No woman is free from the cycle of polygamy except those who are married to a pretender as a husband. Polygamy is not a curse but a blessing to African men. Peace.”

Former SUG President of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Adebiyi Mayowa Angelmayor, however observed that a monogamous family could also be challenged. His view was supported by an Ondo-born commentator, Mr Akinbinu Olusola who observed that wisdom is important to have a successful polygamous home.

Suleiman Baba U mar in his own submission agreed that polygamy could lead to poverty but also asked why there are cases of poverty and bad parenting among monogamous couples.

One commentator, Tolu Adebayo who shared a copied post, observed that most young business owners often experienced a gloomy end due to polygamy. Excerpt from the post is captured in the frame below:

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