Abuja Imam Faults Buhari’s Broadcast On New Naira Policy



Prof. Taofiq Adesina Azeez, the Imam, University of Abuja, has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari over his stand on the new naira policy.

Mr Buhari had in a morning broadcast on Thursday insisted on the implementation of the new naira policy which had seen the redesigning of 200, 500 and 1000 notes.

The implication according to the President is that N200 old note will be spent alongside the new one, while the old N500 and N1000, cease to exist.

Imam Azeez in a terse response to the President’s broadcast which he tagged “MR PRESIDENT, YOUR ADDRESS DID NOT ADDRESS,” disclosed that Nigerians are facing hardship and they expected more from him.

His message is reproduced below:

  1. Nigerians expected Mr President to address the nation to bring succour to them and relieve them of the excruciating and killing effects of the inhuman and unfeeling maliciously timed financial policy.
  2. Nigerians are dying because they CANNOT access thier hard earned money to procure food and medicine. And Government seems to be unconcerned. That is why expectations were high to listen to the outgoing President of the nation to bring tension down and suspend the exercise.
  3. Nigerians expected that if the policy is not going to be suspended, the election should because we must live to vote and February 25th was not fixed God but by man who should be held responsible for the wellbeing of other humans.
  4. Mr is urged to listen to the cries of Nigerians and do either of the needful because Allaah will ASK him about us.
  5. We urge Mr President to remember that escalation of the crises will eventually force the election to a halt with its consequent further loss of lives and property. People are already cursing and the Prophet said: whoever is made to lead a people and the people hate and curse him and he hates and curses them, die when he may, hell is waiting for him.

Mr President, let us live first, and then vote.

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