Deji Of Akure, Olumuyiwa Adu, Rotimi Ibidapo Grace UNIMED’s Community Familiarization Dinner



The University of Medical Sciences has held a Community Familiarization Dinner to familiarize members of the Community with the activities in its Akure Campus as well as to inform members of the public of investment opportunities available in the Campus.

The event was held Thursday 16th February at the Akure Campus (former School of Nursing & Midwifery) , Igbatoro Road, Akure.

In 2018, the Ondo State Government formally handed over the administration of the the School of Nursing & Midwifery Akure to the University of Medical Sciences Ondo.

Further to the directive of the State Government and in pursuit of the goal of the University of Medical Sciences to become one of the leading universities in the World, the Vice-Chancellor has directed that the Akure Campus of the University be upgraded into a semi-autonomous Campus which would include a world-class Online & Distance Learning Centre and a Centre for Continuing Education that will run Pre-Degree Programmes, Postgraduate Programmes as well as other Profesional Programmes.

In light of the Above, the University hosted the Community Familiarization Dinner to keep Ondo state citizens updated on the developmental activities on the Campus and to provide opportunities for investments and partnership to members of the public.

The Dinner was facilitated by a special Committee of the University called the “Committee on the Support for the Development of Akure Campus” led by Prof William Olu-Aderounmu. The Committee comprises members of the University as well as some prominent residents of Akure.

The Vice-Chancellor in his welcome address informed the guests that the Old School of Nursing which was now the Akure Campus of UNIMED was historically significant and that the legacy of the Campus must be preserved by ensuring that there was quantifiable development in the Campus.

He noted that the Government can not singlehandedly fund the University. Therefore, the members of the public are required to join hands with Government to advance the University as it obtains in prominent Universities abroad.

He informed the invited guests that the University was opening the gates of the Campus to potential investors who were willing to invest in the Campus by constructing structures, which can be done through BoT, PPP or outright philanthropic gestures.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that the Akure Campus as a semi-autonomous Campus will become a legacy for Akure. Therefore, he urged all residents of Akure and Ondo state at large to come to the aid of this legacy by donating building or rehabilitating existing structures in the Campus.

Some of the guests who spoke at the event expressed their delight at being invited to the occasion by the University and that they were willing to partner the University by investing in the Campus.

In attendance were the Deji of Akure, represented by Senior High Chief Adegbonmire, Barrister Olumuyiwa Adu, Dr. Rotimi Ibidapo of the midas group of Companies and other prominent citizens of Ondo State.

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