Christians, Muslims Hold Inter Religious Dialogue In Akure



Christians and Muslims on Thursday held a one-day inter religious dialogue in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

The dialogue was sponsored by Cardinal Onaiyekan Foundation for Peace in collaboration with Ibrahim Olalekan Shodehinde.

Speakers at the event called for peace and unity among adherents of the faith.

Junaid Yunus, missionary of NASFAT in his lecture noted that the Islamic faith is molded on the five pillars of monotheism, prayer, pilgrimage to Makkah, offering of Zakat and fasting in the month of Ramadan.

In his submission, Barrister Valentine Agabi who spoke on the tenets of Christianity disclosed that the belief in God – the father, son and holy spirit is the principle of the faith.

The CAN Chairman, Revd Fr Anslem Ologunwa, represented by Revd Canon Victor Adeola also emphasized the need for Christians and Muslims to live together as brothers.

Chief Imam of Akure, Alhaji AbdulHakeem Akorede charged Christians to see Muslims as their brothers and vice versa, when fighting for equity and justice.

He decried the politics of appointment in the State which has deprived Muslims of key positions in government.

Earlier, the convener of the workshop, Ibrahim Olalekan Shodehinde noted that the event became imperative as there can be no peace in our community, if there is no peace among the religions.

Shodehinde said:

“The aim of this workshop or interreligious dialogue is not to reduce all religion to lowest common denomination. It is also not about taking away or brushing aside our difference it does not mean coming to a common belief. More importantly it is not a way of converting the other in dialogue, each party remain true to its own faith and religion. It must also be emphasized that interreligious dialogue is not a platform for arguing, attacking or disproving the beliefs of other.

“The purpose of our coming together is three in one: i) To remove ignorance and Misconception about participants beliefs and practices and to promote informed understanding, critical appreciation and balanced judgment on matters of faith.

“ii) To work together for a common purpose in the society, especially where human rights, social and economic justice and peace in our community is concerned.

“iii) To bring to bear the resources of our respective faith on solving the basic problem of humanity.”

Check photos from the event here.

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