Trump Sets Stage For Mass Deportations Of Illegal Migrants

Department of Homeland Security has laid out the Trump
administration’s plans for aggressive enforcement of immigration laws,
including a potentially massive expansion of the number of people
detained and deported.

the Trump administration also emphasizes that it is leaving intact the
DACA program — President Barack Obama’s protections for so-called
DREAMers — even if the new rules chip away at protections for
undocumented migrants overall. 
DHS officials told reporters Tuesday that while the guidance memos
expand the federal government’s ability to empower state and local law
enforcement agencies to perform the functions of immigration officers,
no National Guard troops will be deployed to round up immigrants in the
The fundamental shift in US
policy will likely continue to provoke fear in immigrant communities of a
vast expansion of the government’s use of its enforcement powers to
potentially deport undocumented immigrants who have lived in their
communities for years, and may have family members who are legal US
residents or citizens. 
officials say the policies mostly enforce existing law and won’t lead to
an immediate massive round-ups of undocumented immigrants. 
not going to start changing this today, it’s not going to start
happening tomorrow,” the official said of an expansion of who is
eligible for expedited deportation. “You will not see folks rounded up
or anything of the sort.”
The memos, which were obtained
and reported on by CNN over the weekend, serve to expand upon the
orders, which are unrelated to the controversial travel ban currently
tied up in the courts and being re-written by the White House.

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