Update: Orji By Name, Number Plate Due To Expire Next Month, More Details Emerge Of Doctor Who Jumped Into Lagos Lagoon


More details have been coming in on the identity of the medical doctor who jumped into the Lagos lagoon this evening.


Information available to Precision Journos has it that the medical doctor goes by the name Orji.
Personal investigation by Precision Journos on the website of Lagos State government motor vehicle administration agency to get the full name of the victim was not successful as the names of owners of registered vehicles are kept under anonymity on the website.
The details on the website however revealed that the number plate (LND 476 EE) of the medical doctor was registered against the vehicle that brought him to the lagoon which was Nissan Xtrail.
The number plate is due to expire by next month April.
At the moment, rescue workers are still at the lagoon working towards bringing out the body of the doctor.

The vehicle has also been taken to the police station for further investigation.

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