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Opinion: Fixing Of Abuja Runway, A Cheap Achievement Taken Too Far By Mayowa Okekale

Mayowa Okekale

Every ‘ardent’ follower of APC is a cheap liar and psychophant, to say the least. If you are just a mere follower, I have no issue with you. But I am most concerned about the ‘ardent’ ones. Who are these ardent followers? Please, take your time to ask Messrs ‘Liar’ Mohammed, Joe Igbokwe, ‘Constituted Authority’ of Oyo State and other wailing wailers nearest to your location. Thanks.

Actually, I did not really mean to say this but what’s the hullabaloo on the fixing of the Airport runway about? Because the runway is now rushly fixed, ‘these’ people will not sing another song again into our ears abi?
By the way, we should also be rejoicing about the recovery of remaining Chibok girls APC is releasing in batches like the Nigerian students who undergo NYSC scheme at different camps and released after observation?
It is about time we started also rejoicing on the equality of 1 dollar to 1 naira? Okay, where are the jobs APC promised? The N5,000 stipend nko? Is a litre of petrol now N80? Let me not even say N50 or N40. What is the outcome of the investigation on grasscutting involving Buhari’s saint? Are you not also percieving lies, unseriousness and ill-investigation in the recent case of Ikoyi money? It’s all balderdash. If you don’t know, I do.
In any case, an empty ‘administration’ makes the loudest of noise. The best way of telling Nigerians that APC is working is not by media hype and noise. What is happening on the case of prosecuting perpetrators of Southern Kaduna killings as promised by the Presidency? We should fear God because of posterity. This administration is proving to be a joke, scam and have been rubbished, following several germane matters left unattended to. I don’t have to say much because we all know much of these things already.
However, it is a welcome development that the Airport was fixed but it is like a cheap achievement that is being blown out of proportion. There are other issues of national interest that require more speed for their execution to better the lives of Nigerians.
I so submit.
Okekale is an Abuja-based journalist.


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