Opinion: Now That Big Brother Naija Has Ended By Oluyemi Fasipe

The Popular TV reality show known as Big Brother Naija which started
some weeks ago ended yesterday amidst wild celebration by fans of the


Nigerians are fond of celebrating irrelevancies and giving attentions
to things that do not add value to them always misplacing priorities, I
want to quickly draw your attention to some sensitivities surrounding
the big brother naija show. 
The big brother naija show was hosted in South Africa; a Nigerian
reality tv show hosted in another country. The economical implication of
this is that the big brother naija show did not add any value to the
Nigerian economy instead it took away from the economy as 11 million
plus votes was recorded each of these votes cost 30 Naira, I will leave
you to do the mathematical calculations. 
The big brother naija reality show caught the attention of almost all
Nigerians that had access to the view including the minors, exposing
them to the obscenities and immoralities that the show promotes contrary
to the rich cultural values of our dear country. 
The energy Nigerians channeled into the big brother Naija show in
supports for their different favorite housemates is of no value to them
and the country, such energy will be better productive if channeled to
support the government to make life better for an average Nigerian. 
Nigerians give too much attention to irrelevant issues they show concern
to things of no value; a lot o things are wrong in the country at the
moment and we have just few Nigerians showing concern and talking about
them. We see public office holders abusing their office and celebrating
their irresponsibility openly without shame and most Nigerians don’t see
reasons to condemn such impunity. 
We see elected political leaders stealing from people who they are
supposed to make provisions for, we hear of misappropriation of public
funds by politicians, we witness brutality of innocent citizens by
government security agents and all we do is take pictures and make
videos, the Nigerian airforce bombed Rann IDP camp killing close to 300
Citizens we are quiet because they said it was a mistake up till now I
doubt if their is any ongoing investigation about the genocide just to
mention a few, most Nigerians didn’t see any reason to raise their
voices against this happenings but jumped out in millions to campaign
for the big brother Naija show. 
The civic responsibilities of every Nigerian as citizen of Nigeria
includes holding their leaders accountable until government at all
levels fulfill their campaign promises thereby making life easier for an
average Nigerian. The attention given to the big brother naija show
where people parade their nakedness and go home with millions is
inconsequential, Nigerians should learn to give their attentions to
issues that will promote and benefit National life. 
Thank you. 
Oluyemi Fasipe wrote this opinion from Akure, the Ondo state capital. Follow via twitter

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