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Kanu (R) and Gov. Fayose during a court session
Federal Government has urged a Federal High Court in Abuja to revoke
the bail it granted Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader Nnamdi
Kanu and send him back to prison



government argued that Kanu has not only breached the conditions
attached to the bail granted him on April 25 on health grounds, he has
allegedly conducted himself in manners that threaten public peace.
cited Kanu’s alleged threat that elections would not hold in South East
states until the Federal Government conducted referendum on whether or
not Biafra should secede and instances where the IPOB leader addressed
crowds exceeding 10 and threatened civil disobedience, as against the
court’s directive that he must not be seen in a crowd of over 10 people.
government, in a counter-motion, dated August 1, 2017 filed by Magaji
Labaran of the Federal Ministry of Justice, urged the court to dismiss
an application by Kanu, seeking a review of the bail conditions.
noted that not only had Kanu not met the bail conditions and was
enjoying the bail, it was an affront to the court’s authority for the
IPOB leader to approach the court for the review of the conditions,
having allegedly breached them.
offence for which he (Kanu) is standing trial is not ordinarily
bailable; the court, not withstanding, granted bail to the 1st
defendant/applicant (Kanu) on health grounds on 25th April 2017.
other conditions for the bail of the 1st defendant is that he should
not be seen in a crowd exceeding 10 people; that he should not grant any
interviews, hold or attend any rallies; that he should file, in court,
medical updates of his health status every month. The bail conditions
were perfected by the 1st defendant/applicant, which he is currently
than observing all the conditions listed above, the 1st defendant, in
fragrant disobedience to the court order, flouted all conditions given
by the court.
1st defendant equally incited his members to disrupt, disallow and
boycott elections in South East states, starting with Anambra State
gubernatorial election scheduled for November 18 if the Federal
Government failed to hold referendum for the realisation of the state of
1st defendant has already declared the bail conditions given by the
court unconstitutional before approaching this court with the
application for variation. Rather than showing remorse for his actions,
the 1st defendant approached this court with an application for a review
of the same conditions for the bail which he grossly flouted.
the above, that the 1st applicant has violated the conditions on which
the terms of his bail were premised, we urge this court to commit the
defendant to prison by invoking the provision of Section 173(2)(B) of
the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015.
categorically state that justice would have been denied the state by
this court, if the state is not protected from the offences being
perpetrated by the 1st defendant/applicant, who is currently on bail,”
the government said.
and four other suspected IPOB members – Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin
Madubugwu, David Nwawuisi and Bright Chimezie – are being tried before
the Federal High Court, Abuja on offences relating to conspiracy and
treasonable felony (The Nation).
Source: The Precision

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