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The New Face of Hope political movement under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has released 6 economic policies which it says will be the guiding principles of its candidate as the 2019 general elections draw nearer.
It says its candidate’s economic policy will be guided by:
1. Economic development
2. Educational rejuvenation
3. Industrialization
5. Infrastructural development
6. Women and youths empowerment
7. Socio-cultural development amongst others.
In a statement made available to NEWSBREAKng by its director of media and publicity, Imade Ize-Iyamu, on on Wednesday, the group said its candidate will salvage the economy of the nation and put the country right back on track.
The New Face of Hope, who is still making consultation nationwide ahead of the next year presidential election, promises to salvage the Nigerian economy and put it right back on track
The presidential candidate of the The New Face of Hope have been identified and will be presented to the PDP ahead of the 2019 general elections.

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The statement reads in part: “We are tired of the maladministration, political injustice, national embarrassment, failed promises which have characterised the activities and policies of the current APC led administration.
“This therefore suffice to conclude that we must have all identified that the need to salvage the economy from the hands of saboteurs operating in the current government is no longer debatable. We have suffered many losses, pains and economic downturn long enough and we need to unanimously say NO to the damaging continuity of bad riddance.
“In view of this, The New Face Of Hope, proud to be in PDP and wishing to become the next president of our dear nation in 2019, will actualize the hope of Nigerians.
“In the yet-to-be-unveiled ‘New Face of Hope’ , Nigerians will find an untainted personality whose zeal for service, fresh ideas and, most importantly, commitment to liberalisation of the economy is ultimately guaranteed.”
Noting that the economy is and will always be a key measure of the performance of any government, the group described the APC government as an abysmal failure in that regard.
“Nigerians are facing intense hunger, suffering by the day with little or no hope in sight. we are hungrier than before.
“APC flaunt fraudulent and empty statistics building imaginary, elaborate and hollow tower of meaningless indicators on paper.
“The evidence of a flourishing economy should be on the people. And the people (Humans) are the most varied variable in the implementation of any economic policy by any government.
“This is because every man is different and reacts to incentives uniquely and could be complex and completely unknowable.
“Therefore in the Nigerian context, there is need for the implementation of a ‘Nigerianized’ economic policy as we can’t have a case of ‘one size fits all,” the statement added.
The group says its candidate recognises that the most vital element of economic prosperity is “the allowance for regional economic expression in a way and manner that would breed healthy competition and sustain national harmony at the same time.”
Continuing, the group described the unemployment rate in Nigeria as ‘unacceptable,’ adding that 34 million people are currently unemployed according to official figures by the NBS, inflation is double digits and the Naira is at the worst value in history.
The Group however appealed to Nigerians to join hands together to take this country to the next desired level.
According to the statement: “Let us collectively salvage the economy. The New Face of Hope is bent on putting the nation back on tracks. Together we will salvage the economy and regain our position as the leading economy in Africa.
“The actualization of a real hope will come from the already identified and soon to be unveiled The New Face of Hope. We can unanimously embrace the new reality of paradigm shift that would immediately begin the process of building a hopeful environment for all,” the group said.

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