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National Chairman of the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC), Buba Galadima says the breakaway faction of the ruling party has enough support in the National Assembly to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari.

Galadima said this on Friday in response to the statement by Adams Oshimhole, National Chairman of the APC, that he would not lose sleep over the emergence of the Galadima faction.

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“There is no breakup. If one Galadimma is not happy, that is fine. He has a right not to be happy. If he chooses to call himself whatever he wants to call himself, that is not the issue; you and I will not lose my sleep over that,” Oshiomhole had said on Thursday.
“We know those who are in the system.  Those who are seeking breakup; that is their problem. We are engaging real stakeholders. I mean between the Executive and the two arms of the National Assembly. We have very important, influential leaders we are engaging. People are being sponsored by those who thought our convention would be a failure…
“They were expecting implosion.  If you review the headlines before the convention, there were stories like people were going to walk out of the convention and that people would boycott the convention. In the end they were shocked to find out the President was seated, the Senate President was seated, the Speaker was seated and the national leaders were seated. Our Chairman was seated. All the Governors were seated. They are like, what do we do next? If after two weeks of living in pains, they are disappointed, they find mercenaries who are willing to be hired for a purpose, they have right to be hired but will not cause any distraction within the core of APC leaders.”

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Responding in quotes reported by THISDAY, Galadima said his group could muster enough votes in the National Assembly to carry out a successful impeachment exercise if needed.
“I want to say that today, as I sit here, if I give a directive to our members in the National Assembly to impeach for constitutional infractions, it would be carried out because we have that majority,” he said.
Responding to Oshiomole’s claim that R-APC members were mercenaries, he said: “On that side, there is no man of integrity and honesty as Buba Galadima. Those of us that had sacrificed our sweat and blood cannot sit idly and watch these values destroyed. This is the beginning of what is called crisis in the party.

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“We believe that all the values and visions of APC have been thrown to the dustbin. Nigerians from all works of life have shown solidarity with us. For those who said that they are not losing sleep, why are they scampering to the National Assembly to beg cap in hand?”
APC became factionalised on Wednesday, when Galadima, Buhari’s former ally, led some members of the APC to form a breakaway group on the argument that the ruling party has been “a monumental disaster, worse than the government it replaced” — that of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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