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“The time has come when youth will be responsible for the position of leadership in our country. The assignment to liberate Nigeria has been placed on the youth. It is an assignment that be completed no matter the odds. We are fully aware of the significant efforts already made by the APC government which is the best guarantee for a more prosperous future of Nigeria.”


Those were the words of Olakunle Olaolu, an All Progressives Congress aspirant vying for the Ileoluji/Okeigbo constituency seat in the Ondo State house of assembly after his declaration to represent the people of the community.
According to Olaolu, much have been achieved by the present administration of government Muhammadu Buhari in last three years to justify the passion and commitment of the APC government at repositioning and reuniting the youths to a great height of emulation in  Africa.
“With legal backup of Not Too Young To Run, President Buhari has sustained his array of political followers from his reservoir of love, Olaolu noted.
“The president has the mileage that most political leaders of today do not have. He has been living an exemplary life for the present generation of Nigerian leaders to copy.”
Olaolu urged Nigerians to choose between political orators that will make positive impact to our democracy than political rabble rousers that will make the mockery of our democratic setting. 
“Money bag politicians are throwing money to get power, the results are what we are witnessing, they have turned separation of powers to confrontation of powers.”
Olaolu announced that he is dedicating himself to the struggle of renewal of his constituency, “I have Cherished the ideals of democracy and free society in which all persons live together in one with equal opportunities.”
He pledged in his letter of expression of interest to seek the party’s endorsement to give his people the kind of representation that will make their voices the loudest and most effective in the state. 
“I promised that if in one year I can not clearly justify the mandate given to me through intelligent contribution on the floor of the house on behalf of my people, direct impact in term of support for the masses and action that will facilitate the drive to develop ondo state, l ask that my constituents should legally determine my fate in the house,” Olaolu said. 

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