2019: NOA Releases 12 Things Voters Must Note Before Voting



1. Nigeria now has a total of 91 registered political parties

2. Know the name and symbol of the party you wish to vote for (as contained in the Information, Education and Communication materials produced by NOA

3. Thumbprint once in the right box beside the party logo on your ballot paper

4. Your thumbprint should not be outside the space inside the box

5. Do not allow the ink to spill into another box

6. Do not vote for more than one party or candidate

7. Never leave your ballot paper empty, i.e. without thumb printing

8. Do not write or sign on your ballot

9. Make sure the ink is dry before you leave the polling booth

10. After ink is dry, roll and then fold your ballot paper once

11. Do not squeeze your ballot paper

12. Place your ballot paper in the correct box

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