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YYC Wants End To Menace Of Fulani Herders In Southwest


Ladies and gentle men of the press, greetings.

Keeping silence in the face of tyranny is the worse of all cowardice. On this occasion of the annual celebration of all Yoruba Youths under the umbrella of Yoruba Youths Council Worldwide, we want to tell the world and most especially, the power that be that we the Youth are not happy with the situation of things as it is currently in the country and across the Odua nation.

If we speak, we shall die, and if we don’t we will still die, only that if we speak, there’s every chance of saving others and perhaps, ourselves too.

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It is quite obvious that our Youths are no longer proud of their country, our freedom is only on paper, our economy is dwindling, there is no justice for the common man, our graduates are unemployed, our parents are famished, our farmers are dying in the hands of herders, and yet our government is failing. The saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow as become a future impossible tense and there is yet no glimpse of any light at the end of the tunnel.

We are reiterating the fact that most (if not all) of our Youths no longer believe in this system of government which is founded on deception, selfishness and personal interest of some few gladiators who have determined to remain in the corridor of power forever even against the will of the majority.

We have demanded the arrest and immediate prosecution of all the herders that are involved in kidnapping, maiming, killing and destroying of innocent lives in Yoruba land as well as identifying their major sponsors, and we have forwarded an open statement to the concerned authorities with respect to this as well as what will be our subsequent actions if nothing is done within the stipulated time given.

While we are appreciating all the Youth groups under this noble umbrella (YYC), who has in one way or the other joined their voices with ours in fighting the menace bedeviling us through the Fulani herders, we have however resolved to patiently wait for the resolution of our leaders (the faithful ones) whom we believe are seriously putting heads together in a tete a tete to come out with their resolutions on the next line of action before we finally embarked on the supposed “Operation Sweap Clean (Folumo)” as suggested by one of us.

We are also using this medium to call on our fellow Yorubawas in Diaspora, most especially those that are living in the Fulani dominated area of the northern part of Nigeria to be preparing to move back home once we are left with no other option than to revolt.

At this juncture, wee want to encourage our Youths across the nation to be battle ready to fight, defend and rescue Odua nation from the hands of this evil men who are ransacking our communities with no aim other than Fulanizing our land and Islamizing our people. We also call on Youth organizations especially from the Eastern and other Southern states to please join us in rescuing our land from the hands of these evil men.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Benson Akinwumi
National Deputy Spokesman, YYC

Eric Oluwole
National President.


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