Dejavu Communications Partners Ogunjobi Gold Cup Tourney



Fast raising communications outfit, Dejavu Communications has confirmed they have entered into partnership with the organisers of the Gold Cup, Nigeria’s first pre-season tournament.

In a statement, the CEO of Dejavu Communications, Mr. Oladimeji Oshode harped on the importance of sealing a deal with Nigeria’s foremost and prestigious preseason tourney due to their track records and antecedents in turning out winning teams for competitions in and outside the country.

“We are happy and delighted to have partnered with organisers of Ogunjobi Gold Cup Tourney, they have quality and high standards as the best and quality organisers for domestic football teams in Nigeria.”

He further said; “We are a new brand and it is important for us to build and get positive traveling distance reaching an agreement with Nigeria Foremost Preseason Tournament and also to help in creating and maintaining positive relationships between the competition organisers and the supporters of the competition,” he said.

Tunde Shamsudeen, the General Coordinator of Gold Cup Tournament says: “It’s a good partnership with Dejavu Communications outfit, they will join our media team to hone and communicate our messages better, reaching our desired target audience(s) mostly especially through the online media.

“We hope that with the deal with the communications outfit, Gold Cup Tournament will reach a desired reach in terms of communicating our activities,” he said.

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