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Oluboyo Unveils Two New Books


An upcoming and multi-talented writer, Kudirat Adedamola Oluboyo has published two new online books.

The books are titled, “SAM & RALPH” and “2 PRISONERS, 1 PSYCHO”.

Oluboyo in a terse message sent to The Precision NG after launching the books online said she felt fulfilled and excited that her books would again contribute to knowledge.

This is coming after her previous one – ‘Success Story’.

“Success Story is a children story that wrapped around orphans and preaches hope of a bright future.

“Success story, made free on Okadabooks (an online book app) have gathered more than 200 reads with a 5.0 rating and reviews from readers”, she said.

The books are now available on one international online store; Amazon and two local book apps; Bambooks and Okadabooks.

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SAM & RALPH, the author’s third online book is centered on love and showcases some circumstances surrounding the subject.

The story is great for anyone wishing to learn deep about human actions and inactions.

Samora Philip and Ralph Morgan are in love but took their time to grow apart in love so as to remain in love.

The tone used is writers narration expressed in present tense. The conversation in the story is brilliant and rich.

The second book, “2 PRISONERS 1 PSYCHO” takes a different turn but is not short of excellence itself.

The story exposes human to the mystery in life and point light to the psychological defect of people living among people.

In the story, two Prisoners were made but not for long. It is safe to say that the story preaches resistance, patience and forgiveness. The by-line says: not everyone you see as normal is well – mystery!

These two amazing books are now available to readers on Amazon, Bambooks and Okadabooks. How to get them:-

For Bambooks and Okadabooks:
-Download the app of your choice
-Click the app to be on the homepage
-Type ‘Oluboyo Kudirat A.’ in the search box and click search
-Click the book you desire and start reading.

On Okadabooks the books can be purchased for #500 and #300 each.

For Amazon:
-Search the books title in the Book section of the app
-Click the book and add to your cart
-Go to your cart to make payment for it.


-Use the links below

The books cost $3 and $2.50 each.

Kudirat A. Oluboyo is a versatile writer and an avid reader.

She studied Political science and Education but has an interest in Storytelling, News and Content writing.

She also converts story to screen as a Movie writer.


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