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Olumilua: Mimiko Words Strong Condolence Message On Former Governor


Mimiko, a commissioner in the administration of the late governor of old Ondo state, Bamidele Olumilua in his condolence message noted that he would be solely missed

In a statement personally signed by him and obtained by The Precision NG, Mimiko described him as a true leader.

The statement below:

I have just made calls to the immediate family members of my leader, consummate politician, humanist, man of faith, and a lover of the masses, Evangelist Bamidele Isola Olumilua, who passed away in the early hours of today.

My words to them were words of consolation, of encouragement and of solidarity. Though of age, the death of a dear one must be deeply sorrowful, when the departed is as wonderful, humane, astute and profound in thoughts and wisdom, the pain becomes much more riveting. His wives and children who lived and shared most moments of his earthly sojourn therefore deserve our words of consolation as the facts of his departure and the weight of the demise sink in.

I encourage his children and wives to take stock and prepare to carry on with confidence and on the deeply remarkable legacies of their patriarch.

I solidarise with them as men and women of faith, that the loss was a gain to heaven, to God. Because as the saying goes, those whom God loves, he calls to himself.

Evangelist Olumilua was to me a true leader. Ours was a relationship that was never broken by partisanship, time and or location. He remained true to his leadership roles to me till the end and I valued him like a true political beneficiary.

While time is not yet ripe to write of his indelible contribution to my political history, my family and I wish to extend our condolences to his immediate and extended family members, political and religious associates, the people and government of Ekiti State and all lovers of social democratic governance, a cause to which the late Olumilua devoted most part of his adult life.

He will be solely missed.

Dr. Olusegun Mimiko


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