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Eid Message: Group Expresses Shock As APC, PDP Pick Christians As Deputy Ahead Ondo 2020


By Sirajudeen Abdulazeez, Akure

The Muslim community at large have been impoverished and rendered beggars by the political settings in our dear Sunshine State. A situation where more than 98% of the Political appointment is given to people other than Muslims will only result in the subjugation of the Muslim community.

Despite political participation by the Muslims in the state, the political maneuvering have consistently left the Muslim marginalised. Muslims are denied appointment into National, International, Regional, State and even Local government offices which have made the Muslims Second class citizens in their father land.

We in the Coalition for Good Governance (CGG) are using this joyous occasion to restate our advocacy that deliberate plan/policy should be put in place to arrest this precarious situation the Muslims have been subjected to by the power play!

On the race to Alagbaka House comes October 2020, the ruling class has once again demonstrated that the Muslim Community that constitutes about 40% of the population of Ondo State is not relevant. The PDP and APC which constitute the Major Political alliance that have been ruling the state since 1999 have concluded their primaries and the selection of the running mates.

It is most embarrassing to say the least that, these major political parties could not find a Muslim worthy of either Governorship or Deputy Governorship ticket. APC and PDP by this action have demonstrated to the whole world that 21 years of the Muslim Political activism with them have not Produce a single personality worthy of Governorship or Deputy Governorship ticket within their fraternity! The question that is cardinal at this juncture is “How fair has this Political Alliance been to the Muslims within their Cult? How fair has this political alliance being to Muslims Community despite their active participation in Ondo State Democratic processes since 1999?”. We say this is nauseating, disheartening and unacceptable to the Coalition.

To the Muslim Populace who are passionate about the political emancipation of the traumatised community, we say the struggle continues. We should not let go! We should hold on tight! Even though they are holding us in the jugular with the aim of Suffocating us politically, the Coalition says we should not relax. We should increase our level of selflessness with renewed dedication, no retreat no surrender, together we will celebrate our Political Emancipation.

We need to imbibe the lesson of Eedul Adha. We need to sacrifice our Personal interest, Love, Affiliation, fraternity, and commitment for a greater political emancipation of the Ondo State Muslims. We should know that there is no singular empowerment when the rest is subjugated! We will be relevant when the larger community is relevant. Our emancipation will only be achieved when the entire Muslim populace is emancipated from these Political Hawks! These are some of the lessons in Eedul Kabeer as demonstrated by our Father Ibrahim (may Allah’s peace and blessings be on him). Let’s keep up the engagement and struggle garnished with sacrifice and selflessness and our political story will not remain the same.

Thanks and wishing everybody in the State a prosperous and blessed
Eedul Adha.

Amir Sirajudeen Abdulazeez Folayemi writes for COALITION FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE


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