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The Growing Weeds On Major Roads In Akure Metropolis


Major roads in Akure metropolis, the Ondo state capital are crying for help.

A personal observation by The Precision NG from June, 2020 to the month of August, 2020, reveals that the bus stop along Alagbaka road, which stands beside the road leading to the Ondo State Primary Healthcare Development Board has been taken over by weeds.

This is the recent picture of the area taken on August 5, 2020 by The Precision NG. The first picture used above was taken in June, 2020.

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The bus stop was built during the last administration for the purpose of picking up students through the Bus Shuttle System. It has also served as relaxation spot for residents of the state beside waiting under it to take cabs.

Our correspondent also observed that growing weeds have become part of the city these days, raising a question as to if the government through its Ministry of Environment is aware of this anomaly.

It is on record that Akure metropolis in 2006 was declared a Millennium Development City owing to its commitment to the eight development goals UN member states agreed to achieve by 2015. Such a feat should be built upon and not the other way round.

As much as the present state government have invested in urban renewal drive, the growing weeds in the city of Akure have thrown aspersion at such achievements. It is easy to build roads and other infrastructure but the issue of sustainability is key.

The Precision NG is employing the state government through its Ministry of Environment to look into the growing weeds along major roads in Akure metropolis and do the needful.


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