Court Orders Shell To Pay Compensation Over Oil Spill In Nigeria


A Court in the Netherlands has ordered Shell to pay compensation over oil spill in Nigeria.

The court on Friday ruled that Shell must pay damages to four Nigerian farmers for two oil spills back in 2008.

The court found that the Nigerian subsidiary of Shell was liable for two pipeline leaks that occurred in the Niger Delta 13 years ago.

The plaintiffs argued that the oil spill meant that their villages had become unliveable due to the pollution.

Shell said that the leaks occurred as a result of sabotage and therefore the oil giant was not responsible.

The amount of compensation that Shell will pay will be decided at a later date.

Friday’s ruling goes further than an earlier ruling in 2013, which found in favour of only one of the farmers, CityAM reports.

The case was taken to a higher court after both sides appealed the decision.

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