Ondo Govt Confirms Akeredolu Signed Executive Order But Says PDP Ignorant About Document



Though it came not as a surprise, the opposition PDP’s latest misadventure in respect of an Executive Order signed by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN manifested two things: it is either gross lack of knowledge about public governance or another failed but usually warped twist to misinform the populace.

Both inferences are uncanny even as they represent all that connote ignorance. This response, therefore, requires to subtly educate the opposition on the essence of institutional frameworks for good governance.

Yes, the Executive Order in reference is an official document duly signed by the Governor. But was it signed with the Governor’s son in mind? NO. Will PPIMU commence and end with the Governor’s son? NO. Was there an institution like PPIMU as presently enunciated before now? NO. Does PPIMU form part of an enduring Government legacy intended to engender and deepen good governance in tandem with the ever changing governance environment? YES. Are there other bodies in the mould of PPIMU in various states across Nigeria? YES, of course.

The churned mischief assaults logic; it similarly, carries the burden of a self-kill that the PDP admits the existence of such institutions under previous administrations. This is agreeable, only to the extent that indeed, Due Process Offices (what is now called the Bureau for Public Procurement) existed. Under the current administration, it still suffices with defined roles with unfettered responsibilities within its areas of operation.

It, therefore, appears illogical to consider improvements aimed at strengthening our public governance capacities within the prism of challenged political confines. By implication, what the opposition party has said in simple terms is: “let’s remain static and not run with the changing times”.

As a responsible government, we will not solve today’s problems, especially in public governance, with yesterday’s solutions. PPIMU has come to stay. It is not the baby of an individual. It is an initiative to drive service delivery and enhance efficiency in public service.

It must be noted too, that, with PPIMU serving as a warehouse for quality service, excellence and efficiency, Government has set a marketable standard for Peer Review. We cannot afford to play the ostrich in an ever changing and dynamic world.

The public, especially the Ondo State Public Service is enjoined to ignore the fruitless effort of the PDP at incitement. They misfired. A politcal party that does not know the difference between ‘process for approvals through’ and ‘seek approval from’ has no business in the affairs of men.


Donald Ojogo
Commissioner for Information and Orientation
Ondo State

February 21, 2022

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