An Expert View On Solution To Domestic Violence



By Yetunde Olagbuji

Domestic violence is a public health event ravaging our society as an evil monster. There is a daily increase in the prevalence of morbidity( ill-health) and mortality (death).

Even though domestic violence affects both gender but the female gender is mostly affected. The lives of so many promising and talented individuals have been cut short because of this event largely due to a dysfunctional society.

The foundational problem is the misconception that the woman is a weaker vessel who has no voice and should be trampled on like the property of the man.

The society including the church also believe that a woman is irresponsible if she is not married. This evil misconceptions also determine how parents train their boy child. Many fathers are not good role models to their children.

Evidence has shown that children who are raised in an abusive environment, where fathers beat their wives, will equally repeat the same in a greater measure. All hands must therefore be on deck to address this societal menace causing harm to our development.

Women: you need to build your independence by being financially and emotionally empowered. You need to love yourself by fleeing early from any abusive relationship when you undergo any form of violence that will endanger your life and that of your children. Your life is more important.

Men: you need to understand that only WEAK men beat women. Your leadership role should not be expressed by your ability to demonstrate your muscular strength. Understand that a woman should be nurtured and catered for to be productive. A woman has the ability to multiply all you give to her. Treat her well and you will reap the reward. You must also be a good role model to your boy child. Help the society to reduce the number of monsters by training your boy children well. If you have problem with anger management, seek help.

Society/Religious homes: Stop discriminating against SINGLE WOMEN because you do not know their story. We are quick to judge single women but when they remain in abusive relationships and die, we also judge them for not fleeing early enough. SHIELD and LOVE THEM & not compound their problems.

Dr Yetunde Olagbuji, a public health expert is the Director of Planning, Research and Statistics, Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Agency.

PS: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily that of the Publishers of Precision Online Newspaper.

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