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The attention of the office of Ondo State Governor’s wife, Chief Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, has been drawn to the balderdash spewed and spread by the demented (sic) spokesperson for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Kennedy Ikantu Peretei, in a veiled but vain attempt at disparaging the person and political pursuit of Mrs Akeredolu.

The scrap, inchoate and incoherent as it reads, and typical of the attention-seeking drowner by the noun Peretei, should have ordinarily been thrown to the bin that it qualifies for, but this refutation serves to lay the facts bare to the esteemed people of Ondo State, and in so doing, help unsuspecting public from falling for the opposition’s blatant lies.

Being part of the specious allegations conjured by the People’s Democratic Party through its sickly (sic) publicity secretary, it is alleged that the Free School Shuttle buses procured by the administration of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko were sighted in Owerri, a subtle but silly euphemism for supposing that the buses are being used in Owerri to expedite the political ambition of Mrs Akeredolu, who is from Imo State. Whereas, matter-of-factly, not a single one of the contentious shuttle buses is in any part of Owerri.

For the records, however, Chief Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu facilitated the construction of a 10.5km road project for her immediate constituency at the cost of N1.6bn, as against the barefaced falsity of the pathological liars to the extent that the road is being constructed at the cost of 16bn. Meanwhile, the road project in question is being sponsored by NDDC, of which Imo is a stout part. It is not the first of time she would assist her constituents, particularly in private capacity and she will continue to do so without apologies to pretenders who expect her to hate her people the way they hate theirs.

While we sympathise with the opposition who is already used to idlers as First Ladies and so finding the clout of the incumbent hard to contend with, it must be stressed that Mrs Akeredolu who is contesting to represent the Owerri Zone at the national assembly is an accomplished professional who having reached the peak of her career at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, retired, and has since been contributing to helping and healing humanity in various ways, hence she has the requisite contents, contacts and wherewithal to win election and do well as a Senator.

It is not only decietful and hypocritical for the downing opposition to have given the false impression that the First Lady is relying on the Ondo State exchequer to fund political ambition, it also shows the extent of certain desperate sadists to stain the immaculate standing of Mrs Akeredolu.

However, since the ostentatious characters who inhabit the People’s Democratic Party impliedly loathe their own places of birth and would irresponsibly watch it slide into coma without a help, we can only wish them ill luck in their doomed sojourn to unjustly misportray a bona fide Mrs Akeredolu.


Debo Akinbami,
Special Assistant to the Governor of Ondo State on New Media & Archives
(Office of the First Lady)
17th April, 2022.

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