Prof. Soola Produces 22 PhD Graduates

Prof Soola granting interview to some students at the event 
By Oluwajuwonlo Afolabi in Ibadan 

Encomium poured in for Professor Ebenezer Soola at the 3rd Soola conference on communication entitled “Communication, change management and sustainable development in 21st century” held at the conference hall of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan.


The conference which was organised by the 22 PhD graduates who were supervised by Professor Soola in conjunction with the Department of Communication and Language Arts, harped on the need for an effective change in Nigeria.
Prof Soola who has produced 22 PhD graduates and 250 Master students in his academic sojourn was described as a living legend who has not reached “academic menopause”.
The keynote speaker at the conference, Dr. Abigail Ogwezzy-Ndisika emphasized the need to bring about overall strategies to actualize change. 
Precision Journos spoke with one of the personalities at the conference, Dr Atanda who said “change cannot be effected without the knowledge of communication among the people”.
The eldest son of Prof. Soola, Mr Oluyinka Soola described his father as principled, learned, devouted, and a role model. 
One of the participants, Mr Hakeem Adebumiti said change is the only tool that is paramount for the existence of a society.
The occassion witnessed dignitaries including Dr. John Orhewere who represented the Chairman of African Council of Communication and Education, Professor Danjuma Gambo, Wife of the Prof,  Mrs Stella Soola among others. 

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  1. Thank you very much for this initiative. The story is well-written. However, let me point out three minor errors: 1. A Ph.D. graduate should be addressed as Dr. and not Mr. Secondly, Mr. Atanda is not one of the Ph. D. graduates. Thirdly, the correct name of the representative of the Chairman of ACCE is Dr. John Orhewere. Once again, many thanks. Dr. Eserinune McCarty Mojaye, LOC Secretary


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