Buhari At 74: Kowa Party Wants President To End Poverty


As Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari celebrates his 74th birthday, one of the country’s political party, Kowa Party has felicitate the President on attaining yet another milestone in his age. 


In a series of tweets to celebrate the President, the party called the attention of the President to the present sufferings in the country and urged him to fulfil his destiny by bringing Nigerians out of poverty. 
“74 Years Ago, President Buhari was born and his path to the Presidency is a testament to the notion that he was destined for the office. On this day that he celebrates his birthday, we sought to remind him to find time for fulfilling that destiny considering that Nigerians under his administration as it was the case in 1983 are suffering and hungry.” the party tweeted. 

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