Bauchi: Principal Sacked For Starving Students

Dr Aliyu Usman Tilde, Bauchi state Commissioner for Education


In spite of pleas and intercessions, the Bauchi State Ministry of Education has sacked the Principal of Hasan Usman Katsina Unity College for under-feeding his students.

He, along with the two storekeepers, were found serving the food of 350 students to over 1200 students last weekend though government has provided sufficient food items to all its 35 boarding schools before the inception of the school year.

A new Principal was appointed by the Ministry this evening for the Unity School which draws students from all 19 Northern states.

A statement by the Commissioner for Education in the state, Dr Aliyu Tilde said “a robust high-tech arrangement for monitoring of student meals along with designated resident food police will soon be deployed to all baording secondary schools in the state.

“The era of starving boarding students will become history in the state in the next few weeks, in sha Allah,” he said.

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