Nigerians Are Now More Divided – Nwobodo



Jim Nwobodo, the former governor of old Anambra State in the Second Republic believes Nigerians are now more divided than before.

The politician who later represented Enugu East Senatorial District in the Senate, added that the spirit of oneness has long left Nigerians.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper recently, Chief Nwobodo noted that there is no rule of law, an indication that Justice is not being served.

Excerpts below:

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So you mean that the agitation for shift of political power to Southeast is needless?

No! It’s not needless, but the approach being used. We need to apply wisdom in the approach. However, the best way to achieve peace, unity and development is to be fair and just to all component of the country. Be fair to everybody. If I own something with you, and every time you threaten to take it, then there won’t be peace. We should constantly talk about unity, peace and development of Nigeria. That’s the way forward. I contested an election during my school days at Ibadan and won, in the spirit of one Nigeria. From all indications, that spirit of one Nigeria has left us long ago. We are more divided in Nigeria today than ever before. It pains me so much that the united country our forefathers bequeathed to us has collapsed. I weep for this country. I seriously weep for this country and I mean what I am saying This is obviously not the kind of country we fought for. The media have a big role to generate discussions that would centre on peace, unity and development of Nigeria.

Unpatriotic politicians are the centre of this division. What’s the way forward?

One thing is instructive. Peace, unity and development would continue to elude us if justice is not served to the people. The country will continue to go down in all terms when the judiciary and other arms of government are compromised. There’s no rule of law in Nigeria today neither is there respect for the law.

Are you comfortable with the state of things in Nigeria today?

I don’t have answer to that question. You are obviously driving at something else and I don’t want to be involved in that.

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