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Birthday Tribute To An Outstanding Representative Of Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency By Oluyemi Fasipe


There are abounding examples to clearly prove that the ability to record earthly achievements and make landmark impacts have nothing to do with age.

After all, Methuselah was recorded as the oldest man in the bible, yet no outstanding achievement was attached to his 969 years sojourn on the planet earth. However, the same Holy Bible recorded it that David killed Goliath at a young age and also killed lions with the ordinary jaw bone of an ass; these were before he later became a king.

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Alhaji Tajudeen Adeyemi Adefisoye has dared and braved all odds to emerge as the new political David of Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency. It is however instructive that in just one year, the youthful Idanre born politician and successful entrepreneur has succeeded in achieving what the elderly could not in more than twelve long years. As a matter of fact, achievements of the youthful Tajudeen Adefisoye in just one year had outweighed what was considered to be the collective achievements of his predecessors in Idanre/Ifedore federal constituency for twelve years.

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Aside from being a hardworking achiever, Rep Tajudeen Adefisoye has given lifelines to many people and has also succeeded in giving a new meaning to leadership in his constituency. Even before his attainment of age 36 today, Small Alhaji has since been getting saddled with highly sensitive responsibilities that should ordinarily have been meant for people that are decades older than him. But the genius in Adefisoye cannot just be ignored by anyone.

Only at 36, Adefisoye is the member representing Idanre/Ifedore federal constituency and the Deputy House Committee Chairman on Army. He has also become a role model for hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. Right from his days as an undergraduate, he has been winning and dinning with kings and princesses within and outside of Nigeria.

The story of Small Alhaji is not all about political leadership, business success, and massive financial war chest, he is also a man of uncommon brilliance and rare intelligence. He is gifted with wisdom, clearest of visions, and incomprehensible quantum of the gut.

Adefisoye is one of the youngest members in the Nigerian National Assembly as of today. More interesting is the fact that he is also one of the most active and best-performing members of the 9th National Assembly. He is widely described today as the pride of Idanre and the doyen of Ifedore politics. On a lighter mood, some of

his supporters often referred to him as a man with a small body but a massively big engine.

The heroic rise of Adefisoye to financial sufficiency and national politics is today a source of inspiration to progressive youths. The success story of Small Alhaji is today a reference point in the politics of Nigerian and a model example of an audacious vision.

It is no surprise that Adefisoye has already succeeded in etching his name in Nigerian national politics and in the innermost consciousness of his constituents. You have definitely achieved much, yet still, have a lot more ahead. A happy 36th birthday to Rep Tajudeen Adefisoye as you are wished greater heights and success in your new age.

Fasipe (Yemie Fash) is Special Adviser, Media & Publicity to Rep Adefisoye (Small Alhaji).


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