Sotitobire: Counsel To Adopt Written Addresses Today



Counsels to the two parties in the case of a missing child at Sotitobire Praising chapel, Akure, Gold Kolawole will today Monday adopt their written addresses.

Babatunde Alfa, the founder of the Church is standing trial alongside six members of the church for conspiracy and aiding and abetting kidnapping.

Alfa through his counsel, Olusola Oke had closed his case on July 23, The News Track reports.

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He denied any complicity in the case of Gold Kolawole, a one-year-old boy who got missing in his Church in November, 2019.

The mother of the missing boy, Modupe Kolawole at the weekend stated in an exclusive conversation with Western Post that the boy would have been two-years-old over the weekend.

The adoption of written addresses preludes the fixing of a date of judgement by the Court.

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