Unilorin Alumni Crisis: Why NEC Dissolved Factional Excos (Full Text)




The National Executive Council of Unilorin Alumni Association, as follow up to the June 26, 2021 meeting met today, February 19, 2022 to essentially consider reports of different Committees set up in its drive to finding lasting solutions to leadership crisis currently rocking the association. The Council led by Body of Past Presidents of the Association under the leadership of Prof. David Olufemi Durosaro appreciated all for ensuring peace since last meeting and, making practical moves towards restoring the glory of the association. The Council observed with joy the matchless commitments shown by Branch Officers (Chairmen) and stakeholders who had to travelled long distances to attend the meeting and, pray for safe return of all to their various destinations.

In his welcome charge, Prof. David O. Durosaro noted that the trying period will soon be over. He urged members to see a bigger picture of the association beyond personal interest. He noted that as distinguished members of the association, everyone should be guided by integrity, true love for the progress of our alma mata and, sincere intentions backed by actions to contribute meaningfully to the development of the University as well as actualization of its core mandate. He however expressed surprise at sudden turn of some events after the June 26, 2021 NEC meeting where gentleman agreement was reached in setting up the Steering Committee comprising of members from the two warring groups. He stated that to their dismay, Dr. Wale Fasakin after few days of setting up the Steering Committee informed them that he had consulted his friends and, as advised, he would not be participating further in the committee. This breach of gentleman agreement notwithstanding was only considered as mere distraction and committee was further charged to move on.

He reported that just yesterday, as usual, Dr Wale Fasakin goofed by approaching the court to obtain injunction to stop the NEC meeting. He (Dr. Wale Fasakin), pitiable, from the injunction do not understand the difference between National Executive Council and National Executive Committee. The Chair was therefore pleased that months after, the committee report and those, of Constitution Review and Fact Finding will be taken at todays meeting. He enjoined all to have strong believe in the Alumni Association coming back better and stronger as well as delivering on its mission to joy and admiration of all.

Constitution Review Committee
This was presented, on behalf of other members of the committee, by its chair, Prof Wahab Egbewole SAN. The 5-page report took special interest in key areas amongst which are but not limited to: Tenure duration, eligibility criteria, code of conduct, power of the Congress, Crisis resolution mechanism, financial handling, reportage and audit procedure. The Council noted that the Constitution Review Committee had a robust and thorough exercise. For the purpose of procedural issue as enshrined in the constitution for adoption and ratification, Council concluded that comments, observations, additions and contributions be forwarded to the committee within the next one week. In turn, the committee is expected to forward its final draft available to the secretariat for onward transmission to Branches for their inputs ahead of the Congress for ratification.

Fact Finding Committee
Prof. Fawole who presented the report on behalf of the committee expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided in undertaking such task for the association. He noted that the exercise was an eye-opener and suggests that the association still has a long way to go in meeting up with yearnings and aspirations of members. He reported that various documents were obtained in addition to oral testimonies of those who appeared before the committee. The committee observed among other things the issues of leadership quality, projects handling, tenure issue and use of Alumi office for personal gains as major cruise of the crisis in the association at the moment. Going forward, the committee recommends the need to scale up in term of quality of people to lead the association, regulated tenure, periodic engagement with the Congress to ascertain the needs before embarking on any project as well as productive engagement of the University Administration to add value as expected.

The council thanked Prof. Fawole and his team for a job well done and requested that if called upon again, they should not hesitate in obliging the association.

Executive summary of the thesis-like report is expected to be circulated at the Congress meeting at a later date.

Steering Committee
The Committee led by Prof. Jeleel Ojuade who doubled as the Secretary of the Council (Body of Past Presidents) in presenting their report started on a note of appreciation. It was reported that the committee in the last few months has been confronted with a number of issues including deliberate frustration, insults and confrontations in the discharge of its mandate. It was reported that one of the many shocks was withdrawals of over one million naira in a just a day from the associations account two days after the June, 2021 NEC meeting. The withdrawals, from the report, were done in Bank Branch outside Ilorin amidst other attempts to withdraw from the Associations accounts. The committee, since then, has to practically go to bank to regularly check and renew instruction to stop withdrawals. He reported that this has been quite difficult but for personal recognition because Dr. Fasakin still goes about parading himself as the President of the Association and still holding on to the Associations cheque books. Thus, many of the tasks of the Association that required funding including payment of monthly salaries to staff in the Alumni hostel have been done from personal purse. With persistent and regular visit to the banks, it was reported that as at the NEC meeting, the association has above Twenty Six Million Naira (N26, 000, 000.00) put together in the different Associations accounts. The state of the Alumni hostel and promises made to the students to face lift was also reported for urgent attention so as not to de-market the hostel.

The Council appreciates in no small measure the resilient spirit and unparalleled commitment of the committee.

The Council, observed with joy the dutiful discharge of tasks assigned to various committees and appreciated all for their commitments. Members were urged not to hesitate in contributing more and more to the upliftment of the association.

The Council approved the purchase and installation of 33kva Generating Set for Alumni hostel for the comfort of our students. Issue of provision of solar powered light be left till normalcy is restored to the association operations.

The Council, embarrassed by the unguarded moves of Dr. Wale Fasakin and his repeated desperate attempts to convert the Association to personal holdings, as shown in reckless withdrawals of Association monies and institutions of court cases even to the extent of joining the University, resolved to have a public disclaimer notice on Dr. Wale Fasakin and 6 others to forestall future inimical approaches to the good image of the University and by inclusion, the Association. It should be noted that occupying Alumni Office (s) cannot be by desperate moves rather high level of integrity with decorum is required.

The Council, also dissolved the Steering Committee and, reconstituted a new one as follows, pending the outcome of Congress

Members of new Steering Committee:
Professor Jeleel O. Ojuade – Coordinator
Mr. Sikiru Muhammed
Dr. (Mrs) Faoziyat A. Sulaiman
Engr. Iswat A. Lawal
Dr. Abdulhameed Badmos

The Council dissolved with immediate effect the two factional executive committees. In addition, different organs of the University and security agencies should be approached on this development. Council frowned at habits of no integrity, recklessness and perpetual dragging of the Associations name in the mud. The University of Ilorin should parade the best of men in character and integrity!

The Council approved SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2022 for CONGRESS. Further details and preparation to be communicated in shortest possible time.

The Council meeting ended with joy and exchange of pleasantries. Council charged that Alumni is one house and the moves to bring everyone on board should be paramount. Good relationship with the University Management, Staff, Students and the host community should be our watch words.

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