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A Greater Nigeria Remains Our Goal – Diamond Group


The Diamond group has reiterated its commitment to a greater Nigeria.

The group made the vow in a state of the association address during the maiden annual get-together by members in Ondo state at the weekend.

Archdiamond Toyyib Musa-Omoloja in the address, emphasized that the outlook of the group would be national in all ramifications.

“One of the key achievements of the group within this short period of time is our ability to conceptually clarify who we are, what we stand for and where we are headed.

“During this outgoing year, we have largely stuck to our programmes, particularly those that prioritise development at both individual and corporate levels,” he said.

Some of the programmes highlighted during the event include, a technical session where members presented a researched paper on a contemporary Nigerian problem.

“In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were also able to hold our first seminar early this year where members were trained on Blogging and Web Development.

“During this year too, we launched our blog ( to give us a foothold in the cyber space and probably serve some other secondary functions.

“It is also noteworthy that our interventions on critical national issues have been consistent through our timely press statements that were broadcast on electronic media and also used on the social media,” he said.

While noting paucity of funds and lack of commitment from members as some of the challenges faced by the group in the first year, Musa-Omoloja itemized some of the issues that would be focused on in the next one year:

• seminar and public discourse for every year (internal and external);

• periodic technical session;

• financial empowerment of members;

• encouraging members to participate in the political process at any level of their choice;

• timely interventions on salient national issues and other social issues that may be caught by our radar;

• picking low hanging fruits in our Minimum Performance Benchmark (MPB) and liaising with the legislature to turn them into laws;

• working with the legislature to pass a law on capping of electoral spending. This we consider crucial for the reform of our electoral process.

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