Osun 2022: We Are Not Perturbed, Our Victory Is Sure – Awofadeju



Every election period comes with many fake news, defaming parties to win the flexible mind of the electorates within the community, state or nation at large. This Osun State election is not an exceptional as different news of PDP members decamped to APC. But to what effect will this have on the electorates and the PDP as a party?
APC front runner in Osun State has been promising the masses what he has not been able to achieve within the first three years of his government in Osun State, but miraculously lone money surfaces and he ran into 24th hours work to win the mind of the electorates which guessed flexible.

Presently, he has promised upgrades of two different Colleges of Education in Osun State in less than five and weeks to election, rushed to the street and rebuilding and amending the bad roads everywhere within Osun State and many other things.

Where was the money used in rebuilding and amending the road for that first three years plus before the election, what happened to those who had suffered damage of properties due to the deplorable state of the roads then, those who lost family members in the accident due to the state of the road, robbery and many other lost, who is going to compensate them?
The upgrades of Colleges of Education to University, do we really need this at this time? ASUU are on strike presently for months, same APC government could not pay and run properly the universities in Nigeria and Osun State APC is promising upgrades of Colleges of Education. To the graduates of the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education in Osun State, how many can Oyetola come out boldly in his campaign to tell that he has employed since 2010 when he was the Chief of Staff for good eight years and 2018 till date in his three years plus as governor?
Have masses in Osun State ever enjoyed APC government since 2010? The answer is NO. their government turned masses to Yahoo, 419, rubbery and rituals. Economic is getting tougher every now and then. They will make people suffer to the extent that at election period, only five thousand will make very hungered people to sell their next four years. At both state and federal level, people groaned for the reason of their ruling. A lot of rumour flying up and down that Osun APC has vowed to rig this coming election with money or any other means.

Reading through the pages of dallies and seeing thousands of decampees from PDP to APC and same to PDP, I ask myself question, can thousands of PDP or new members join APC with glaring style of their ruling in Osun State and in the nation? Even their party divided and a whole part planned to work against the Ilerioluwa group, many others decamped to PDP which was obvious as PDP is publishing the news with images. APC is only giving the headlines and unsubstantiated news about PDP decampees.

Few that moved from PDP to APC were already whining and dining with APC secretly before now and made it good to allow peace in PDP by officially moved to where they belong. How can these few people affect the wish of millions of Osun State people, the love they have for Senator Ademola Jackson Adeleke, the flagbearer of People Democratic Party for 2022 governorship election.

People Democratic Party is not shaking with all the news of decampees, the long list of APC Osun State campaign committee members, we at PDP are up to the task and not perturbed. We are sure of victory with God come 16th July, 2022 which remains few weeks. PDP will not join APC in their evil plan to rig, induce with money or with the use of thuggery to win the election, but we are very sure that with God our victory is sure.

Dr. Peter Awofadeju, Chairman, Progressive Youth Forum sends this piece from Osogbo.

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